Film Series

by csteele6

In 2017, I created a film series focused on highlighting inspiring individuals who are pursuing their passion. Each film in the Uncovering Passion series is a three-minute glimpse into the life of someone who is striving to create a life filled with passion and joy. The subjects answer questions about how they discovered what excites them and how they have built a life around the things they love. With humor and honesty, they reflect on the choices and experiences that have moved them along their winding paths. Enjoy the short films below!

Misty Coy is a passionate actor, singer, writer, and teacher. She has been performing since she was a young child and has traveled around the world to sing. Misty loves to connect with people through performance and thrives on the powerful energy generated by being on stage. She also loves to support young actors by teaching them to connect with their characters and be authentic. Learn more at Misty’s website.

Jorden Lacy is a creative storyteller, a content creator, an athlete, an adventurer, and a mom. She lives to tell captivating, powerful stories! Jorden started her own business while living on the east coast and has now relocated to the west coast. She works as a digital marketing manager and brand strategist. Check out her story here!

Meg Barry is a holistic counselor who offers a unique approach by integrating alternative processes into her work with clients. Her private practice, Harvest Moon Awakenings is based in Durham, North Carolina. According to Meg, “The Harvest Moon adapted it’s name in folklore for its ability to shine light for farmers to harvest their crops late into the night: creating both beauty and light in a time of darkness.” Meg loves supporting others in their journey to peace and clarity.

Trevor Frost is a photographer, filmmaker, world traveler, and crocodile aficionado. He grew up building tree forts in Richmond, Virginia, and traveled extensively in Africa and South America after graduating from college. His stunning photographs of gelada monkeys in Ethiopia were published in the April 2017 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Check out his beautiful photographs!

Melissa Lesh is a documentary videographer and adventurer who travels around the world collecting stunning content. Melissa loved bugs as a child and discovered her love of filmmaking while working for the Fish and Wildlife Service. Melissa directed “Person of the Forest” with Tim Laman and the film was an Official Selection at the 2017 Mountainfilm Festival. She loves gardening, hanging out with her ball python, Mana, and kayaking in Richmond. Check out Melissa’s work at Emerging Earth Films

Marika Tsombikos is a handbag designer and business owner in Northern Virginia. She realized that she loved fashion when she was eight years old. Marika has been pursuing her excitement about design, fabric, colors and sewing while building her business Kai and Ros.

According to singer songwriter, Jasmine Gillison, “singing is like going to another world for a short period of time.” Jasmine is a talented musician who just completed her first album “Little Light.”

About the Filmmakers

Christy Steele
Producer, Director

Over the span of Christy’s ten-year career working in film, television, print media, and web design, she has been involved in developing ideas into compelling visual content and working in the corporate environment to find creative solutions to organizational challenges. She loves to collaborate with passionate and excited people to create powerful stories and captivating content. After working with so many visionaries, she became interested in exploring how people keep their lives focused on what inspires them and brings them alive. She got excited about capturing this on film and decided to follow that excitement. It led her here to the creation of Millennial Voices.
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Rick Kain
Director of Photography

Rick is an actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator and filmmaker. A native Marylander, Rick Kain is a veteran actor, stuntman, and stunt coordinator with over 150 film and television credits to date. His most recent work can be seen on ‘The Purge-Election Year’, ‘Jackie’, ‘Miss Sloan”, ‘Legends & Lies-The Patriots’, ‘Turn’ and ‘Blue Bloods’. He has just completed production of the festival bound short film ‘Final Notice’, based on an award winning script. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA, WIFV, TIVA, Vice-Chair of the SAG-AFTRA National Stunt and Safety Committee, Mid-Atlantic SAG-AFTRA Board member, and sits on the advisory board for The Actors Center in Washington, D.C.
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